Academy Profile

At Crookesbroom Primary Academy we believe that all pupils have the right to be happy and feel safe.

We know that good behaviour has a huge impact on learning. Children learn best in a calm and purposeful environment and when they have high levels of motivation and self esteem.

We take a very positive approach to the management of behaviour, encouraging pupils to make appropriate choices and take responsibility for their actions.

Our aims are:

  • To encourage a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere in school for all children and adults
  • To ensure equality of opportunity for everyone
  • To encourage increasing independence and self- discipline so that each child learns to accept responsibility for their own behaviour
  • To have a consistent approach to behaviour throughout the school, with parental and governor support.
  • To make the boundaries of acceptable behaviour clear and to adhere to the school’s policy on Health and Safety

Golden Rules

All members of the school community are expected to follow five Golden Rules. They are:

  • Always be kind and thoughtful
  • Always look after people and property
  • Always listen carefully and follow instructions
  • Always do your very best
  • Always be responsible

These golden rules are clearly displayed in each classroom and around the school. They apply at all times including during playtime/lunchtime.

Rewards for good behaviour

We believe that it is important to recognise and reward good behaviour. All pupils are entitled to a period of Golden Time each week for making sensible choices and following the golden rules. During this time pupils are able to choose to participate in a range of fun activities.

Other rewards may include:

  • Positive verbal comments
  • Stickers, certificates, badges
  • Effort points


All pupils understand that if they choose not to follow a golden rule there will be a consequence. When a pupil breaks a golden rule the following sanctions apply:

  1. Warning- name placed on Amber traffic light
  2. Lose 5 minutes of Golden Time up to a maximum of 15 minutes
  3. Once a pupil has lost 15 minutes of Golden Time they must see the Principal/ Vice Principal and their name is entered into the ‘behaviour book’
  4. If a pupil’s name is entered into the behaviour book three times, parents are contacted.

In rare cases of extreme, violent or aggressive behaviour, the Principal/ Vice Principal will contact parents immediately. In exceptional cases it may be necessary to exclude a pupil. This decision is never taken lightly and always follows consultation with governors.

Behaviour Support

We recognise that some pupils will need extra support with their behaviour to enable them to make appropriate choices. This support is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and may include:

  • One to one or small group time with the Learning Mentor to explore issues around confidence, self esteem, anger management etc
  • Working with parents/carers to ensure a consistent package of support at home and at school
  • Access to support from specialist outside agencies (with parental co-operation and consent)

'Hand in hand, together we grow'