Macy Cuff- Awarded the Hatfield Library Summer Reading Challenge.








Bethany Ridgway- Passing her Grade 3 dancing exam with no mistakes  and Elisha Peppard- Passing her Taekwondo exam with an A Grade to get her blue belt









Finley- Medal for 1st place in a Football tournament, Tyler- Man of the match in football match, Olivia- Certificate for completeing stage 1 in swimming and Hannah- Passing stage 3 in gymnastics





Alyssa- Medal for coming first place in a dancing competition




Nathan for being the man of the match, Faith for gymnast of the week, Finley and Bradley for Bronze awards in Mathletics.











Emily for being awarded a yellow belt and Maddison for taking part in a dance competition







Maisie for competiting in a dance competition and Jenna winning in horse riding.












Olivia Smith- for swimming a width, Vanessa- distance swim and Olivia-Grace Jones- winning a tournament








 Coby- 3rd place in horse riding competition, Jenson- gold medal for winning football competition, Ruby- Brownie badges for being kind and science badge, Brooke-Ashleigh- participating in a dance competition, Matilda- for participating in dance competitions.








Brooke-Ashleigh- for exercising before dancing, Ryan and Sonny-winning an egg and spoon race, Vanessa- for preforming and showcasing her gymnastic skills at a show, Maddison- for taking part in a football tournament.