Trips and Visitors

At Crookesbroom Primary Academy, we understand the importance of giving our pupils experiences that will help shape them personally, academically and socially.

Our staff carefully plan trips and visitors to ensure our pupils take part in purposeful experiences that complement our curriculum offer and help contextualise their learning.

Being part of Delta Academies Trust means that we are very fortunate to have access to Delta’s very own outdoor education centre, Dallowgill. Crookesbroom pupils, across Key Stage 2, get the opportunity to go on life-enhancing visits which enrich the curriculum and allow pupils to develop a love for nature and outdoor learning. Carefully planned activities mean that pupils can learn to cook basic meals, take part in woodland activities such as den building and gather around a campfire gazing at the skies above them.

If you would like to find out more information about Dallowgill, please click this link.

Highlights of our trips and visitors

Year 1 Safe Touch with the school nurse

The year 1 pupils enjoyed a safe touch session with the school nurse. The pupils discussed which body parts were private, learnt the Pantosaurus song and discussed who they could talk to if they were feeling worried about anything.

Year 6 workshop with the National Archives

The children worked with an expert from the National Archives to explore the use of propaganda during World War 2. She was really impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm the children showed during the session.

Yorkshire Water

Year 6 were visited by Yorkshire Water. They came to talk to us about the water cycle and how we clean our water. They made the children look at everyday items and decide where we put them after we’re finished with them and discussed how we should not be flushing products that don’t belong in the water system as it blocks the pipes.

Year 2 Victorian School Workshop

Year 2 participated in a Victorian classroom experience. They spent the day learning in the style of a Victorian and found out so much about what it was like to live during that time.

Year 4 residential to Dallowgill

Hatfield St Lawrence Church

National Coal Mining Museum

Mobile Zoo

Green Education Workshop

Crucial Crew