Parent Voice

Parent Voice Summer 2024

We asked parents for their feedback in May 2024 and received 49 responses.

Mr. Harvey, Mrs. Ali and the Academy Advisory Board have considered your ideas. Here are some of your comments or popular themes and our responses: 

“Staff are always friendly and helpful.” 

“The teachers being out in the playground in a morning is better, the inclusion of parents getting to see classrooms.” 

“Lots of things for kids and parents to be involved.” 

“Understanding of children with special needs.” 

“The friendly atmosphere and the opportunity the kids have.” 

“The wonderful support all of the staff give to my child, especially with the thrive room.” 

“I like that it is a small school, teachers are always approachable & take parents’ ideas on board.” 

“The resources are fantastic and the school looks great. The trips are great and provide opportunity for all kids.” 

“The teachers are there for the parents as well as the children.” 

The staff and the school building is amazing. Always clean and tidy. Staff are welcoming and responsive 

“Importance placed in manners.” 

“The teachers are really nice. The whole feeling of the school is great and friendly. The education the staff provide is excellent.” 

The most common suggestion was regarding the entrance to the playground: 

“Have an in and out gate to avoid struggles getting in and out. “ 

“Entry and exit system for collecting children.” 

“A second gate, maybe a 1-way system for in and out.  

“The main school gate gets very busy with everyone coming in and out. Would make it easier if there was another gate so one to come through and one to get out.” 

Our response: A new gate has been fitted along with a ramp.  

“More after-school clubs” 

Our response: There is at least one after-school club every day except Friday. The reason for no clubs on Friday is that staff give their time to run clubs so it is only fair that they can go to their families and enjoy a well-deserved break at the weekends. The only way that further clubs could be offered would be through charging a fee for them.  

“School dinners could do more of a choice for the children.” 

Our response: Our most recent menus have been chosen by the children. We have also introduced regular theme days, so children get to try food from around the world; so far this year, we have had Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Greek, Egyptian, Mexican, Tanzanian and seaside. We will also introduce Taste-it Tuesdays where children will be invited to try something new. We have just held a fresh fruit roadshow where children learned about types of fruit and vegetables then got to try them as well. 

“Sometimes there isn’t always enough notice for class/school events.” 

Our response: The monthly newsletter has been revamped for May so dates are clearer. We try to send dates with as much notice as possible. We are trialing sending out the upcoming dates as a weekly update on MCAS – look out for this each Friday. Upcoming events are now in a monthly section which is available on MCAS. 

“The app used doesn’t state which child the info is for and goes onto both profiles which is confusing.” 

Our response: Wherever possible, messages will be sent with the relevant year group as a title. 

Thank you for your feedback.